We believe that functionality no longer needs to be dull and boring. We believe that it can be both high performance and beautifully designed.

We use rotational moulding (a process normally reserved for industrial applications), state of the art technology and highly skilled designers to develop products that are both high performance and beautiful. Rotational moulding gives our products far superior strength, durability, and insulation.



We design and manufacture rotationally moulded cooler boxes and vending equipment for the beverage, alcohol, ice-cream, medical, supply chain, and food industries.

What can we design for YOU!?

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Featured Product: Wine Cooler (12L)

  • The whole enquiry-quotation-order-invoice process was dealt with in a prompt and punctual fashion and delivery was exactly on time, making the whole buying experience at ADAPT a pleasant and satisfying one.
  • We at PVM are so happy with our cooler boxes and wheelie cooler boxes from Adapt Marketing. We would recommend them to everyone who is in the market for these kinds of products. Thanks for the great service and excellent products.
    Ricardo Chadinha and the team at PVM Nutritional Sciences
  • Excellent customer service and quick response to queries.
  • I think you run a tight ship and your response time was excellent... We are very happy with your products, your communications and your turn around time. We are also very happy that you accommodated our transport requests. Thank you.